Chinese Universities Under CSC Scholarships 2023, List of University

List of Chinese Universities Under CSC Scholarships 2023: Chinese Government Scholarship or CSC Scholarship affiliated with the Chinese Scholarship Council. Studying in China is cost-effective for foreign students because the scholarship opportunity is high. CSC Scholarship is the most desired scholarship for international students. Presently, there are more than 250 universities in China give awards to international students. Check the most prestigious universities for CSC Scholarship. Here is the list of Chinese Universities Offering CSC Scholarships 2023:

Chinese Universities Under CSC Scholarships 2023:

Though the list of universities offering CSC scholarships is very long. Check some of the prominent Universities of China offering CSC scholarships:

Tsinghua University:

The world ranking of the university provides the education sector in China. It is located prominently in Beijing. The university offers scholarships opportunity to international students in 81differnet disciplines comprises of Medicine, Science, Engineering, Arts, History, Literature, Philosophy, Management, Economics, etc. The faculty of this university consisted of well-qualified faculty. The university is a notable Nobel laureate

Zhejiang University:

This is another university where international candidates can attain education through the CSC scholarship facility. The university is situated in Hangzhou city in Zhejiang, China. Four individual universities, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Agricultural University & Zhejiang Medical University, were accumulated in Zhejiang University, to make the university unique and a center for excellence. Presently, Zhejiang University offers courses at Under Graduate level in 122 specialties, 326 master’s programs, and 42 doctoral degrees to international students.

Peking University:

Peking University proffering the CSC Scholarship facility for the last 20 years. The university is situated in Haidian, Beijing. This is one of the top universities in China providing degrees in Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics and Management, and Information disciplines. Students from more than 116 countries enroll at this university. It is a prestigious university for providing research facilities etc. The university contains the largest library in Asian universities with more than 7.33116 million books, journals, and newspapers.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University:

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is situated in the Shanghai City of Shanghai Province. It also offers a CSC scholarship facility in the advanced city of China. The university consisted of a huge campus built on 797.121 acres. The university consisted of 31 departments, 31 research institutes, 2 affiliated medical research institutes, 13 affiliated hospitals, and 11 affiliated units. Students can attain UG degrees and graduate degrees. It is one of the most preferred universities for students from different parts of the world. It comprises international students. The students are working at various well-known companies in the world.

Wuhan University:

Wuhan University is also a renowned university providing 124 UG courses, 347 programmes in Master’s and 243 doctoral degrees in various fields such as Philosophy, Literature, History, Law, Education, Science, and Engineering disciplines. The university comprises a rich library with more than 5.2 million volumes and subscriptions in more than 10,000 local and international periodicals. Besides, scholarships, the university consisted of world-class labs, 2 research centers, gyms, swimming pools, and sports grounds. International students from above 100 countries at the university prefer seeking education at this university.

Xi’an Jiaotong University:

Xi’an Jiaotong University is a renowned university situated in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province in China. The University also offers courses in disciplines such as Science, Engineering, Medicine, Humanities, Art, Education, Law, Philosophy, Economics, and Management. The teachers and researchers of the university comprises of big names and high academicians. In addition to this, the university consisted of 35 academicians, 6 national teachers, 93 educationists, 112 scholars from National Thousand Talents of China, 29 innovation team leaders of China, 234 scholars of the Ministry of Education, and 511 experts who have won the State Council Special Award.

University of Science and Technology:

University of Science and Technology is a scholarship university situated in Hefei City, Anhui Province. It has more than 20 colleges and 33 departments. It is a Graduate school, department of information and intelligence, department of life sciences and medicine, Advanced Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute, Shanghai Research Institute, Anhui Provincial Hospital, etc. offering 35+ Bachelor’s degrees. The faculty has ace professionals and well-qualified teachers. They all help students in gaining the best scientific research facility by supervising the students in research activities. Students can attain the benefit of accessing 2.4 million Chinese e-books, 4,50,000 foreign language e-books, 41,000 Chinese e-journals, millions of local and international master’s and doctoral dissertations, 5,70,000 international theses, and a huge number of other materials.

Nanjing University:

Nanjing University is spread over 659 acres. The university consisted of 127 departments, 98 associative research centers, data analysis centers, network communication and information centers, and educational technology centers. It is one of the best universities in China supported by the national “211 Project”. It gives admission to hundreds of International students every year. It also commences international exchange programmes and cooperation with world top universities and big corporate companies. Besides this, the students grow internationally with the network of the university.

Shandong University:

Shandong University has thirty popular colleges and graduate schools where a huge number of courses are offered. It offers admission in several disciplines such as Natural Sciences, Engineering, Philosophy, Law, Literature, History, Economics, Education, Management, and Medicine disciplines. The School of Medicine is the oldest facility of this university. The school has several preclinical and clinical departments, 6 affiliated hospitals, 13 teaching labs, 7 training hospitals, and 12 teaching hospitals.

Jiangsu University:

In this university also students are able to get a CSC scholarship. It is also known all over as the School of Medicine with 24 colleges located in various parts of China. In all these colleges, students can attain courses of their choice. It offers 83 bachelor’s degrees, in Art, Economics, Management, Pedagogy, History, Law, Science, Engineering, Medicine disciplines. The university consisted of 5 national and 11 provincial key disciplines such as Hematology, Cardiology, Thoracic Surgery, Nursing, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also, 90 international students from different parts of the world seek MBBS from this university. The university is well-approved from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the MBBS programs that are licensed for the exams in medical councils of foreign countries such as BMDC, USMLE, MCI, PMDC, SCHS, HPCSA, and so on.

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