Columbia University New York City Admission 2022, Fall Deadlines, Fees

Columbia University New York City Admission 2022: Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university situated in New York. It has two campuses and affiliated colleges associated with its name. The university has a tie-up with several prestigious universities such as Yale and MIT. If you are planning for Columbia University Admission 2022 then most importantly, you should have comprehensive information about the university in advance.

Columbia University New York City Admission 2022 – Highlights:

Here are the comprehensive details about the Columbia University:

  • Number of Academic Programs: 60
  • Total Endowment: More than 12 billion USD
  • Student-Faculty Ratio: 6:1
  • Gender Breakdown: 49% male and 51% female
  • International Student Population: 16%
  • Number of Countries Participated: 152
  • Financial Aid for International Students: Available
  • Website:

Columbia University New York City Programs Offered:

Columbia University offers a huge variety of courses to students. Here are some of them:

  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Computer Science
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Data Science
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Financial Economics
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Biotechnology
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Journalism
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computer Engineering
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Film and Media Studies
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Learning Analytics
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Economics
  • Master of Law [L.L.M]
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Instructional Technology and Media
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Neuroscience and Education
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Applied Analytics
  • Master of Architecture [M.Arch]
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Architecture
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Statistics
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Statistics
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Mathematics
  • Master of Education [M.Ed] Art and Art Education
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Journalism/Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Chemistry
  • Master of Public Administration [M.P.A]
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] English and Comparative Literature
  • Certificate Advanced Education in General Dentistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
  • Master of Arts [M.A] English and Comparative Literature
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Financial Engineering
  • Doctor of Medicine [M.D]
  • Master of Fine Arts [M.F.A] Visual Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Astronomy
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Industrial Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Nursing
  • Master of Public Health [M.P.H]
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Visual Arts
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Data Journalism
  • Film and Media Studies|Journalism|Journalism/Computer Science
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Actuarial Science
  • Master of Divinity [M.Div]
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Music
  • Master of Arts [M.A] Mathematics
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Management Science and Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Marketing Science
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Biology
  • Bachelor Data Science
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Business Analytics
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Industrial Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Music
  • Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] Psychology
  • Certificate Endodontics
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Applied Physics
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Biomedical Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Material Science and Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Earth and Environmental Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Material Science and Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology

Columbia University New York City Accommodation:

International students always worry when it is to study abroad. Here are comprehensive details about the accommodation at Columbia University:

  • Columbia University has dorms situated in Morningside Heights and Manhattan Valley neighborhoods. The university also consisted of halls situated 20 minutes away from the campus, in Riverdale.
  • Candidates can choose the hostel from a single dorm room to 2 or even 3 bedroom suites.
  • There is also the proviso for community-specific housing at Riverdale provides parking and shuttle service to and from the campus
  • Riverdale’s International House or I-House proffers fully furnished dormitories to international students.
  • There is an Apartment Type living facility also available.

Cost of Attendance:

The Columbia University has decided to make an increase of 2% in housing and tuition fee. This is for full-time students. Check the estimated cost of Attendance below:

Per Semester Tuition Charges in USD:

  • Columbia College, Bachelor in Engineering, 29,460
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, MA in Economics, 35,554
  • School of General Studies, All courses, 32,232
  • Columbia Business School, Master in Business Administration, 38,688
  • Columbia Law School, LL.M. Program, 34,948

Other Fee Includes:

Per Term in USD:

  • Student activity fee: 135
  • Health insurance: 584
  • Registration fee: 50-100
  • Withdrawal fee: 75

Columbia University International Admissions:

International students have different admission requirements for international students at Columbia University. If you want to acquire higher education from the USA then you need to follow the federal laws. The following documents are required for admission to Columbia University:

  • Official transcripts
  • English language proficiency proof
  • Additional program-specific documents like recommendations, resume, etc
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Copy of the biographical page of the passport
  • Essay and/or SOP for USA
  • Letters of recommendation to study in USA

English Language Requirements:

  • English Language Proficiency Tests
  • TOEFL iBT-100
  • IELTS – 7.0
  • DET(Duolingo English Test) – 120 on the current DET or 75
  • Scores should be sent to the Columbia University by the testing service.

Columbia University Visa Process:

  • To study in the USA, students need to have a student visa. An I-20 form will be issued by the Columbia University to the student after they provide a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and Proof of financial resources.
  • After I-20 form is issued by Columbia University, students will proceed with either F-1 or J-1 student visa and SEVIS Fee payment. After that, students must contact the US Embassy or consulate to learn more about visa requirements.

Visa application needs the following documents:

  • A Copy of the Passport
  • Columbia Acceptance letter
  • I-20 form issued by Columbia University
  • Completed visa application
  • Passport-size photos
  • Scholarship/Sponsorship Letter (If required)
  • Immunization form
  • Health Examination Form

After approval for the visa interview, a stamp will be issued on the passport.

Undergraduate Admissions:

Bachelor’s programs offered by Columbia University to international students are more than 80 in number. It includes Art History, Visual Arts, Applied Mathematics, Financial Economics, Data Science, Computer Science, Music, and Information Science.

  • Candidates need to apply via Coalition Application or the Common Application
  • The application fee 85 USD
  • Academic Requirements: International applicants must submit the following items for admission:
  • Autobiographical information
  • A list of student’s activities, achievements, employment, etc
  • Personal essay
  • Official high-school transcripts
  • One recommendation from high school’s counselor
  • School profile
  • Completed Mid-year report
  • SAT/ACT test scores
  • Test scores of standardized exams to study in USA
  • Teacher recommendations (from the teachers who taught you in the discipline)
  • For Engineering applicants, at least one letter should be from a Science or Maths teacher

Graduate Admissions:

The Graduate programs at Columbia University include arts, science, business, medical, public affairs, journalism, professional studies, engineering, etc. Here are important points to keep in mind:

  • Follow the application portal for each program
  • Application fee varies from one program to another

Academic Requirements:

  • All academic transcripts
  • A valid undergraduate degree as specified by the program
  • Statement Of Purpose
  • Letters Of Recommendations for MS in the US
  • Standardized tests scores GRE or GMAT or LSAT
  • Program-specific additional requirements.

Kindly note that Science, Engineering, and other Academic research work in the related field requires an abstract in one or two-page supplement.

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