Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admission 2023, MIT, Summer Deadlines

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admission 2023: The world is full of educational institutes and all of them are good but the unique ones are always remembered. Once such unique name Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the finest private research institutes situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and dream of many. Overall, 30departments across 5 schools in MIT, serving the latest methods of learning on campus for a long time. MIT plays a significant role in the lives of undergraduate and graduate students. Dig a little deeper, the campus has playing fields, green spaces, gardens, residences, and publicly cited works of art. Do you want to fulfill your dream of acquiring higher education from MIT? Then, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Admission 2023 process, visa process, application details, etc is what you need to know. Here are the essential details:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Courses Offered:

The list of courses offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are innumerous, but a few of them are as follows:

  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Architecture [M.Arch]
  • Bachelor Science, Technology and Society
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Aerospace Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Engineering and Management
  • Bachelor Economics
  • Bachelor Biology
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Physics
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Physics
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Architecture
  • Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Art and Design
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Technology and Policy
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Biological Engineering
  • Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Manufacturing
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Design and Management
  • Master Business Analytics
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]/Master Of City Planning
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Chemical Engineering
  • Doctor of Medicine [M.D]
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Urban Science and Planning with Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor Earth, Atmospheric And Planetary Sciences
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Brain and Cognitive Sciences
  • Master Air Transportation
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Chemical Engineering Practice
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Theater Arts
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Mathematics
  • Bachelor Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Finance
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Architecture Studies
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Humanities and Science
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Health Sciences and Technology
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Transportation
  • Bachelor French and Francophone Studies
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Planning
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Management of Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Materials Science and Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor History
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Operations Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Statistics
  • Bachelor German Studies
  • Bachelor Other Languages/Theory of Languages
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Political Science
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]/Master of Science [M.Sc] Political Science
  • Bachelor Analytics
  • Master Leaders for Global Operations
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Statistics
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Materials Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Ocean Engineering
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Oceanographic Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Medical Engineering and Medical Physics
  • Bachelor Anthropology
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] History
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Humanities and Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Operations Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Polymers and Soft Matter
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Humanities and Science/Humanities and Engineering
  • Bachelor Russian Studies
  • Bachelor International Literatures and Cultures
  • Bachelor Political Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Biological Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Social and Engineering Systems
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Anthropology
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Computational Science and Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Social and Engineering Systems
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Transportation
  • Bachelor Linguistics
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Linguistics
  • Bachelor African Studies
  • Bachelor Chinese Studies
  • Bachelor of English Language Studies
  • Bachelor Japanese Studies
  • Bachelor Portuguese Studies
  • Bachelor Spanish Studies
  • Bachelor Literature
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Earth, Atmospheric And Planetary Sciences
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Economic Sociology
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Organization Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Accounting
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Information Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D] Marketing
  • Pre-Master Statistics and Data Science
  • Master of Science [M.Sc] Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Finance [M.Fin]
  • Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computer Science and Engineering
  • Master Computational Science and Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)– Highlights:

Given-below important points related to MIT are important to check:

  • University type: Private
  • Established: 1861
  • Schools: 5
  • Acceptance Rate: 7%
  • Employment Rate: 82%
  • Application Fee: 75 USD – 250 USD
  • English Language Proficiency Tests: TOEFL or equivalent
  • Financial Aid for International Students: Available as Scholarships, Grants, and Awards (up to 60%)
  • Work-Study: Available on campus
  • Official Website:

Campus & Accommodation:

Check the details about campus and accommodation for candidates:

  • The university campus comprises of Department of Athletics, Physical and Recreation. And, students can enroll in any of the desirable sports.
  • There are 500 student clubs for extracurricular activities such as music, dance, and theatre,
  • There are 5 dining halls and 20 retail eateries.

Housing Facilities:

There are on-campus and off-campus accommodation facilities for students. In this regard, the following details will lend further help:

  • Presently, 10 undergraduate houses and 6 graduate houses available on campus.
  • MIT USA provides accommodation to first-year applicants in 10 different halls.
  • More than 70% of its first-year students prefer staying on campus due to convenience, safety, and learning environment.
  • On the contrary, some students want their private space. Thus, they look for off-campus housing facilities.
  • The off-campus options include studios, condos, and apartment-style living that cost 2,660 to 5,600 USD approximately per unit.

International Under Graduate Admissions:

MIT proffers 53 majors and minors each at the graduate and undergraduate level. The applicants can apply via the official portal of the institute.

  • Now, to apply, use the online mode. Go to the official website by creating a student account.
  • Submit the Application Fee of 75 USD
  • The basic Academic Requirement for undergraduate admission is Higher Secondary School Certificate.
  • Researchers, performing, and visual artists will send the portfolios for review through SlideRoom.

Additional Requirements for admission:

  • Official high school transcripts
  • Submit either ACT or SAT scores along with the application. And these scores will be valid for 5 years. The minimum average score for the ACT should be 34 or equivalent.
  • CV or Resume
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A statement of objective
  • Interview

MIT English Proficiency Requirements:

International Students need to demonstrate English language proficiency by providing the scores of any one of the tests given below:

  • TOEFL iBT- 90 (recommended 100)
  • TOEFL pBT- 557 (recommended 600)

Kindly note, the minimum eligibility IELTS score is different from one department to another. Thus scores will be checked individually.

Along with TOEFL/IELTS, all the international applicants from non-native English-speaking countries will go through an English Evaluation Test (EET). This test will be commenced a week before their registration day at the institute. The results of this test will direct students regarding their written and oral communication skills. They need to attend special English classes if required.

Visa Application Process:

International applicants must acquire a valid passport and visa to study in the USA from the nearest American Embassy or Consulate in their country. Here are visa related details:

  • There are 2 kinds of visas to enter the United States the F-1 Student Visa and the J-1 Exchange Visitor (student) visa.
  • A student receiving an I-20 form is issued an F-1 visa
  • Students receiving a DS-2019 form is given a J-1 visa.
  • The visa is issued only to the students enrolled full-time at the institute
  • However, both types of visas require you to be a full-time student whenever school is in session and requires a fee of 200 to 350 USD or 180 to 220 USD for an F-1 or J-1 visa, respectively.

International Graduate Admissions:

The step is to apply online via the GradApply online student portal.  Sloan School of Management follows its specific application process.

  • Submit the Application Fee of 75 USD
  • However, Sloan School of Management charges 250 USD.
  • The candidate must be possessed with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate Admission requires GMAT/GRE, English Language Proficiency test, IELTS, TOEFL scores, resume/CV, References, etc.

MIT Contact Details:

Address: 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
Phone: +1 617-253-1000

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