MBA in Latvia 2023, Top Universities, Eligibility, Fees, Costs, Scholarships

MBA in Latvia 2023: Master of Business Administration MBA is a management degree designed to educate students in different areas such as Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Human Resources, and Operations Management. Studying MBA abroad is a moment of pride for aspirants. It is a great way to create business opportunities. MBA degrees proffered at Latvia from the Business School help you to become a business graduate and master in MBA. As soon as the candidate completes the MBA, he/she will get jobs such as product manager, business consultant, health services manager, financial manager, marketing manager, etc. Besides this, you can also become an entrepreneur and begin your business.

Top Colleges/Universities/B-Schools for MBA in Latvia:

Check the list of some of the topnotch Business Schools available in Latvia along with the details about fees and course duration information:

  • Turiba University, Riga-Business Psychology and Human Resource Management in Entrepreneurship: It is a 2 year Full-Time MBA course that costs 3, 330 Euro per year
  • Stockholm School Of Economics, Latvia: Executive Master Of Business Administration (Executive MBA)- It is a 2 year Full-Time Course that costs 3, 5000 Euro per year
  • Turiba University, Riga-Tourism Strategic Management: It is a 2 year Full-Time Course that costs 3, 330 Euro per year
  • Turiba University, Riga-Business Administration: It is also 2 year Full-Time Course that costs 3, 330 Euro per year
  • University of Latvia, Riga-Business Administration-International Business Export Management: It is a 2 year Full Time Course that costs 2, 585 Euro per year
  • Riga Technical University, Latvia-Innovation and Entrepreneurship: It is a 2 year Full Time Course costs 3, 500 Euro per year
  • ISMA University of Applied Sciences, Riga-Business Administration: It is a course for the duration of 1 year 1 month. It costs 3, 300 Euro per year
  • Riseba University Of Applied Sciences, Latvia-Master of International Business Course in Latvia: It is a 4-year course costs Euro 5000-10000
  • Riga Business School, Latvia-Master’s in General MBA: The course duration is 1.5 years. It costs Euro 5000-10000
  • Riga Technical University, Gyanberry: It is a full time MBA course for the duration of 2 years. It costs Euro 5, 000

Reasons for Choosing Latvia to Study:

There can be several reasons for selecting Latvia to attain MBA course but here are some of the most plausible reasons for you:

Low Tuition Fees:

The Latvian University charges a nominal price for doing the MBA course. It costs around 1,550 and 6,000 EUR for one academic year. It is pocket-friendly when compared with Medical and other courses.

An Important Hub for Research and Innovation:

If you are willing to do the research work and want to acquire innovative ideas then Latvia is the best place to explore. The country offers several fields including an MBA courses.

Known for Natural and Scenic Beauty:

More than half of the country is filled with forest, beaches and coastline. It offers beautiful places to visit such as the Kemeri National Park, the Gutmanala cave, Gauja National Park, Raznas Nacionales, Lake Razna, the Vermane Garden, etc.

Academic Structure:

It offers the best in quality education through institutions where both academic and professional higher education qualification is provided. The academic education programmes are based on the national standard of academic education whereas professional programmes offers in-depth knowledge in the specific field.

MBA in Latvia Application Requirements:

The admission office of the specific university where you have applied will inform you about the application dates. Candidates required to submit the following documents for admission to the university applied for:

  • Education/Degree Certificate or Diploma
  • Transcripts of records/marks (all education documents translated into English)
  • English language proficiency certificates (IELTS, TOEFL or equivalents) or the perspective University exam (if needed)
  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Motivation Letter/CV

Process to Apply:

All universities have a different application processes, but the general steps which all the universities follow are as follows:

  1. Apply for the MBA programme by sending and submitting your documents for the purpose of evaluation. As soon as the eligibility is confirmed, you will receive the Conditional Acceptance Letter along with the positive AIC approval.
  2. In the next step, pay the tuition fees mentioned on the letter.
  3. After paying the tuition fees, apply for the Resident Permit and Study Visa.
  4. It is mandatory to inform the University about your flight details at least 3 days prior days of your arrival for attaining the pick-up facility.
  5. Register the next day once you reach Latvia and fetch your ID card.

Language of Study:

The official language of Latvia is Latvian however, International students need to know English and Russian. A large part of Russia speaks Russia and English is spoken in bugger cities. In public universities, Latvian is spoken but English is also used for foreign students. There is no language requirement to study in Latvia and therefore, there is hardly any need for language tests such as IELTS, PTE Academic, or TOEFL.

FAQs: MBA in Latvia

Answer: Latvia has various established universities and therefore the MBA degree attained is well-recognized all over. Candidates get reputed jobs on the basis of this degree.
Answer: Language is not a requirement to study in Latvia. Even if applicants have no knowledge of Russian or any other language
Answer: The cost of studying MBA in Latvia depends on the university or Business school chosen. However, the cost of tuition is affordable for international students.
Answer: Most of universities proffer hostel facilities to students. In addition to this, if somebody wants to stay somewhere else, the university will not object.

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