MBBS in USA 2023, Admission Process, Top MBBS Colleges, Jobs, Fees

MBBS in USA 2023-24: To attain education from the USA is a moment of pride and fulfillment. People from different corners of the world love to acquire education from the USA as it gives them the freedom to live in a different environment. The fast-paced life and highly developed techniques in this country acquired the attention of many.  If you want to attain MBBS in USA 2023 then all the important details are explained here.

The USA considers MBBS as a postgraduate program. This four-year program is equivalent to MD (Doctor of Medicine). However, it is a prerequisite for international students to must have completed a pre-medical course (BS degree) from a USA university to apply for MBBS. After completing MD, apply for 3-5 years of a residency program to practice as a doctor. Thus, the overall duration of the MBBS course is 7 to 9 years.

  • International students need to appear for the MCAT exam to apply for medical colleges in the USA offering MD degrees.
  • The approximate tuition fees of MBBS of MD from the USA ranges between 18,442 USD to 64,984 USD.
  • Students can work as a practitioner under physician and surgeon of the specific specialization after completion of the MBBS at USA universities.
  • The estimated salary of an MBBS doctor in the USA is 208,000 USD or even more annually

Top Universities Offering MBBS Course in the USA:

Here is the list of top universities of the USA offering MBBS course and the estimated annual fee:

  • Harvard University – 324,920
  • Stanford University – 481,872
  • John Hopkins University – 213,600
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – 105,288
  • Yale University – 251,896
  • University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) – 187,064
  • Columbia University – 73,768
  • University of Pennsylvania – 239,640
  • Duke University – 247,600
  • University of California, San Diego – 165,320

Course Structure:

The medical degree is the second degree in the USA and this is why students need to acquire the first degree i.e. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology, Chemistry, or the other related field to apply for Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the USA. After completing MD, students apply for a residency program that is based on specialization.

  • Pre-Medical Course: This is a foundation course that aims at teaching students the basics of medical science. Domestic students of the USA acquire this course after completing their class X. Premedical course duration is 4 years. However, Indian students apply for MBBS after completing class XII, thus they have to study the BS degree for only 4 trimesters or 16 months. If anyone already possessed the BS degree in the medical field or studied MBBS for a year or two in India they might not be permitted to go for the pre-medical course in the USA. It also depends on the university to which the candidate is applying. The subjects in the pre-medical course include – English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Anatomy, Medical Terminology, and Sociology.
  • MD Program: After the completion of the pre-medical course, enroll for an MD program equivalent to MBBS in the USA. This program is divided into two stages, which need 2 years to complete.
  • Theoretical Stage: It provides an advanced level of theoretical knowledge of medical science to students. The subjects taught in this stage are Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Medical Ethics, Biochemistry, Neuroanatomy, Pathology, Microbiology, and Clinical Science. After this, appear for USMLE 1 (United States Medical Licensing Examination) to clear the second stage of this MD degree.
  • Practical Stage: This stage is known as the Clinical Rotation or Externship/Clerkship. In this stage, the basics of operating in a hospital and treating patients are taught by doctors and professors. Once this stage gets over, apply for USMLE 2.
  • Residency Program: Those who qualify for USMLE 2 can apply for the residency program. The duration of this program ranges between 3 – 5 years depending on the specialization selected.

Students need to work in hospitals and attain expertise in their respective fields. USMLE 3 is also known as Licensee Exam, which is the final exam you have to appear in. After clearing this exam, you can practice as a doctor in the USA or any other country.

MBBS in USA 2023 Admission Process:

  • A pre-medical course + MCAT score is needed to apply for a Doctor of Medicine (MD). Applications for MBBS at USA universities are accepted for the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • International students can apply to USA colleges via AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service). Some of the colleges accept applications through their website

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate must have completed X and XII.
  • Candidate must be possessed with the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Chemistry, or medicine related field as a pre-medical course
  • Test scores of MCAT and NEET required
  • Proof of English proficiency

Documents Required for MBBS Admission:

  • Transcripts of previous academic study
  • English translation of non-English transcripts
  • Evaluation of foreign transcripts by an accredited agency
  • Letters of recommendations
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Criminal background check of the applicant

English Proficiency Test for International Students:

The curriculum of MBBS at USA universities is English, thus international students need to go through the proficiency in the language through the test. Candidates need to go through one of the tests and submit the scores:

  • IELTS: scores needed ranges from 6.5 to 7.0
  • TOEFL (iBT): scores needed ranges from 90 to 100

Fees and Other Costs:

Needless to say, the USA is one of the costliest countries in the world. Check the expected expenses to pursue MBBS at universities situated in the USA:

Pre-arrival Cost: International students need to spend on the following for studying pre-medical courses. The cost is mentioned USD below:

  • AMCAS – 170
  • USA Student Visa – 160
  • MCAT – 315
  • NEET – 20
  • IELTS – 185 to 190
  • TOEFL – 160 to 250

Tuition Fee:

MBBS fee in the USA consisted of two components: the cost of pursuing BS degree and the tuition fees of the MD program. Given below is the average tuition fees for both:

  • BS in medicine-related field: 20,000 USD to 50,000 USD yearly
  • MD Program: 64,984 USD to 18,442 USD yearly

Cost of Living:

The average cost of living in the USA for an international student is 15,000 USD annually. Here is the estimated monthly expenses:

  • Accommodation – $200
  • Groceries – $200
  • Food – $150
  • Transport – $100
  • Entertainment and shopping – $250
  • International calls – $15

Jobs After MBBS:

After completing MBBS from the USA, you can work in private/government hospitals or own a clinic at USA universities. The Average salary of physicians and surgeons in the USA is 208,000 USD annually.

Average Annual Salary in the USA after MBBS:

Check the salaries (in USD) and jobs for various specializations in the USA after completing MBBS given below:

  • Anesthesiologists: 267,020
  • General Internists: 196,490
  • Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: 238,320
  • Family and General Physician: 211,780
  • Psychiatrists: 220,380
  • Surgeons: 255,110
  • General Pediatricians: 183,240

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