PTE Exam Dates 2023 Registration, Exam Pattern, Test Centers, Syllabus, Test Scores

PTE Exam Dates 2023-24: PTE is an acronym for Pearson Test of English is a computer-based English language test accepted by several educational institutions all over the globe. This exam is for those who aspire to study abroad and majorly in English-speaking countries. The examination aims to check the candidate’s capability in understanding the English language on the daily basis. Those who are looking to take PTE learn a lot about the test through this article:

PTE 2023 Registration:

If you are interested to take PTE then registration is the most important formality you are expected to do. Check the Registration steps:

  • Step 1: First of all create a web account or log in to an already existing account on the official PTE Academic website.
  • Step 2: Mention all the crucial information such as test preference, exam history, previous score reports (if any), and other relevant info. The information shared here will help during the time of admission or sending scores. Candidates need to enter their personal details as they appear exactly on the passport. Candidates also need to select the test they would like to appear for (PTE Academic or PTE General)
  • Step 3: Now, schedule your exam by choosing from the list of the PTE Test Centre.
  • Step 4: After this, choose the examination date available with the PTE Test Centre of their choice.
  • Step 5: Go through all the details carefully before making the payment.
  • Step 6: After paying the PTE Registration fee, take print of the acknowledgment receipt.

PTE Exam Dates 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

The candidate must be at least 16 years old least to take PTE. Besides this, make sure that the parental consent form is signed by either parent or guardian before taking the test.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus:

To must have complete information about the exam pattern and syllabus, candidates need to prepare for three sections such as

  1. Reading Section
  2. Listening Section
  3. Speaking and Writing Section

Let’s check the topics covered in each section:


  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Re-order paragraphs


  • Summarize
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Write from dictation
  • Highlight incorrect words

Speaking and Writing:

  • Personal introduction
  • Answer short questions
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Summarize
  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Essay

PTE 2023 Exam Date:

Month Details
May 2023 Deadline date: April 2023
Test taker withdrawal deadline: May 2023
Verbal test period: May 2023
Written test: May 2023
Deadline for Pearson to receive the finished tests: May 2023
Deadline for Pearson to collect special consideration requests: June 2023
Results available via Edexcel Online: July 2023
June 2023 Deadline Date: May 2023
Test taker withdrawal deadline: June 2023
Verbal test period: June 2023
Written test: June 2023
Deadline for Pearson to receive the finished tests: June 2023
Deadline for Pearson to collect special consideration requests: June 2023
Results available via Edexcel Online: August 2023

Test Scores:

After completing the PTE examination, you will receive PTE scores for all the sections. The band range of the test scores will be between 10 – 90. You will get section-wise scores and overall scores as well. Check the scoring pattern below:

  • More than 85: Implies that students can understand with ease.
  • Between 76 – 84: An aspirant can understand longer texts, recognize the meanings, can express themselves fluently.
  • Between 59 – 75: The candidate can understand the complicated text.
  • Between 51 – 58: Candidate has good command over the language in different situations
  • Between 43 – 58: Can understand several points on the familiar matters
  • Between 30 – 42: Understand sentences and expressions.
  • Between 10 – 29: Understand everyday expressions and basic phrases

Test Centers:

Here is the list of the PTE Academic test centers all over India:


  • Take Off Academy
  • Pearson Professional Centers-Ahmedabad GUJ
  • Pearson Professional Centers-Surat GUJ


  • Pearson Professional Centers-Bangalore 2 KAR
  • TC Global Bangalore
  • Pearson Professional Centers-Bangalore


  • Target Consultancy
  • Kangaroo Studies Pvt Ltd
  • Pearson Professional Centers-Chandigarh PUN


  • Pearson Professional Centers-New Delhi,
  • Global Opportunities Pvt Ltd
  • Pearson Professional Centers-Gurugram HAR


  • Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt Ltd


  • Edwise International LLP – Coimbatore


  • Edwise International LLP (Chennai)
  • Pearson Professional Centers-Chennai


  • Pearson Professional Centers-Hyderabad
  • Pearson Professional Centers-Hyderabad 2 TS


  • Pearson Professional Centers-Jalandhar PUN
  • Touchstone


  • Pearson Professional Centers-Mumbai


  • Pearson Professional Centers-Amritsar PUN


  • Global Reach


  • Pearson Professional Centers-Noida


  • Sophiya Institute


  • Pearson Professional Centers-Pune MAH


  • Trans Globe Education


  • Shree Education Services- Select Site


  • KL University


  • Global Reach – Nagpur

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