SAT Exam Dates 2024 Registration, Exam Dates, Syllabus, Scores, Pattern

SAT Exam Dates 2024: Students seeking admission to undergraduate courses in other countries take the SAT test, which has been globally recognized. The qualifying allows you to apply for admissions in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Candidates who want to take the examinations can go to one of several ETS testing facilities. The exam costs INR 7,700 in Indian rupees. Regional costs are included in the registration fees.

The SAT is a multiple-choice test that is administered using paper and pencil. This exam is administered seven times a year, depending on the location, and at least five times a year in most nations. Evidence-based reading and writing, math, and an optional writing portion are the two primary areas of the SAT. In three hours, candidates have to answer 154 questions. The score range is 400-1600, and it is extensively utilized for undergraduate admissions.

The SAT essay portion has been omitted, according to a College Board notification released on January 19, 2021, and this order is effective beginning with the June 2021 administration. SAT Subject tests are likewise omitted from the exam information, but solely for the subject exams in the United States.  The College Board has opted to administer the SAT online so that candidates from all around the world can take the exam while maintaining their health. The Collegeboard has been attempting to offer a flexible exam format.

Types of SAT:

The Exam and SAT Subject Tests are the two types of SAT tests. The test is a generic test that measures the test-takers’ English, Mathematical, Science, and Verbal skills. The exam subject test is used to demonstrate knowledge of a certain subject. Math, Science, English, History, and Languages are all SAT subjects.  The Subject Test is no longer available in the United States, and only a few universities demand or encourage SAT Subject Test results.

SAT Exam 2024 Registration:

Candidates can register for the SAT Exam 2024 online, by post, or by phone. Registration for the Exam is accessible all year. Candidates who missed the late deadline might join a waiting list. The methods to apply for the online exam are outlined here:

  • Visit the official website of College Board website and create a profile.
  • Fill out the application form by entering Personal Information, High School Information, and Contact Information such as a phone number and an email address.
  • Create a Student Profile after that.
  • Choose a test and a testing center.
  • Candidates are required to upload the clear passport size photograph
  • Once the form is filled, candidates can pay with a credit card or PayPal.
  • Take the printout for future reference.

Rescheduling the SAT Exam 2024:

Through the official College Board account, candidates can modify their SAT exam date. Candidates must register for the revised test date and then withdraw their SAT registration, which is no longer necessary. Candidates must pay $25 before the usual change deadline or $35 after the normal change deadline to make changes. SAT exam dates can be rescheduled at any time.

Cancellation of the SAT Exam 2024:

It’s possible that the applicant will refuse to take the exam on a specific day and will not postpone. In that instance, they can simply skip the test by failing to show up. The results of the applicant will be automatically disregarded by the SAT Collegeboard. Five days before the scheduled exam, SAT registrations cannot be cancelled. If your registration is canceled, you will get a partial refund of $10. The refund procedure begins six weeks following the test date.

Exam Pattern:

The  exam is divided into two sections: Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math, as well as an optional essay. EBRW and Math are both graded on a scale of 200 to 800. SAT essay scores are needed by a lot of universities throughout the application procedure, despite the fact that they are optional. The SAT Essay component has a scoring range of 2 to 8.

  • EBRW questions are asked in MCQ format.
  • Mathematics is separated into two sets of questions: one without a calculator and the other using a calculator.
  • The majority of the Mathematics problems are multiple-choice; however, some are grid-ins, which require pupils to solve and fill in the solution on a bubble sheet.
  • The duration of the exam is 3 hrs or 180 minutes. With SAT Essay, the duration of the exam is 3 hours and 50 minutes.
  • EBRW has a time restriction of 100 minutes while Math has a time limit of 80 minutes.

SAT Writing & Language Test:

  • The language and writing test have 44 multiple choice questions spread across four comprehensive passages that must be completed in 35 minutes.
  • Students are required to revise and modify texts in this portion.
  • The segment includes questions from subjects like science, humanities, history, and social science.
  • The mode of the passages is Narrative, argumentative, and informative/explanatory
  • Each of the aforementioned writing modes has at least one passage.

SAT Reading Test:

  • The section includes 5 passages containing 52 Multiple Choice Questions. The section must be completed in 65 minutes.
  • The passages will include short stories from American or International work of fiction.
  • There would be passages on economics, science and sociology as well.
  • Students must read the paragraph and respond to the question by giving a narrative, arguing, or describing research or experiment.

Mathematics Test:

  • The Mathematics section comprises two sub-sections – questions with calculator & questions without calculator.
  • There are 58 questions in total which are needed to be attempted by candidates in 80 minutes.
  • The majority of the questions asked in this section are of MCQ type and only some of them are grid-ins.

SAT Exam 2024 Syllabus:

  • The SAT is crucial in determining a candidate’s intellectual abilities. The two most popular tests are the SAT General Test and the Subject Test.
  • Students typically take the General Test to get admission to undergraduate institutions. It evaluates the candidates’ written, verbal, and mathematical abilities.
  • There are 20 subject examinations, each of which is further broken into five subjects. These subjects are divided into smaller categories. The following are examples of Subjects: Languages, History, Science, Mathematics, and Literature.

Note: Interested candidates can visit the official website of to learn more about SAT Syllabus in detail.

Exam Scores:

The SAT exam is evaluated on a range of 200 to 800 points for each component. The total score is the sum of the results from each part. The maximum score is 1600, or 800+800. If you take the Essay test, you will receive a different score. The essay score is based on three factors: reading, analysis, and writing, and ranges from 2 to 8.

  • Each section receives a raw score depending on the number of correct answers submitted.
  • Each question in each segment is worth one mark.
  • There is no negative marking.

How to Access SAT Score Report?:

Candidates who have appeared for the test can access the score report through the official website of the College Board.

  • Visit the official website of the College Board
  • Click on ‘My Organizer’
  • Then Click on ‘Score’
  • Enter your username, passwords, and any other credentials asked.
  • Upon entering the details, the score report will be displayed on the candidates’ screen.
  • After the scores are displayed, candidates are required to check the eligibility criteria of different colleges and can send the score to the particular institution.
  • Students can send up to four score reports to institutions for free before being charged an extra cost.

How to Send SAT Scores?:

Rather than accepting copies, most colleges want Score reports to be received directly from College Board. Candidates can either pick four to five institutions during registration and College Board will send the scores straight to them when they are released at no additional cost. There will be an extra cost if you submit the scores after they have been announced, however fee waivers can assist negate the price. The scores can be submitted in three ways:

  • Mail
  • Online
  • Phone (By Calling Customer Service)

Why SAT Exam?

There are various reasons why the SAT is important for undergraduate programme enrollment. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Few graduate institutions provide scholarships to Indian students based on their performance in the test.
  • Some job postings need a College Board score in the United States and other English speaking countries.
  • Candidates have more time for math, writing, and English than they do for the ACT.
  • SAT prep solely covers high school arithmetic courses.
  • The SAT does not include sophisticated science issues, which may be simpler for kids who do not have a science background.
  • In the SAT, there is no negative grading for incorrect answers.
  • The SAT essay is similar to a commentary on a certain topic.
  • When comparing ACT to SAT, the exam price is much lower.
  • For undergraduate entrance, the majority of elite US universities demand scores.

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