Study in New Zealand 2023, Top Universities, Courses, Admission Process

Study in New Zealand 2023: If you are eager to get an internationally recognized degree, then New Zealand is the recommended country to apply for. New Zealand is a favorite among foreign nationals and has been ranked#2 on the Global Peace Index and making it the safest destination to acquire education.  The country comprises beautiful picturesque landscapes for education. The country is growing popular amongst Indian students. Find out about the study in New Zealand 2023 application process, the education system in the country and so on.

Where to Study in New Zealand?

The country comprises of a huge number of courses based on entry-level (certificate, diploma) to postgraduate. The country comprises of eight universities, 18 polytechnic institutions, and 600 private training institutions. Here are the details below:

  • Universities in New Zealand provide academic programs in several subjects to pursue Under Graduate, Post Graduate, PG- diploma/degree, and PhD programs. It also offers vocational education and training from introductory to full-length degrees.
  • It also offers Private Training Establishments offering language-specific or occupation courses.

List of Universities and Courses Available in New Zealand:

Here is the list of universities and courses available in New Zealand:

The University of Auckland:

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Engineering, Computer Science
  • Masters in Data Science, Computer Science, Management

University of Otago:

  • Bachelor of Science, Arts, Commerce
  • Master of Public Health, Data Science, Professional

Victoria University of Wellington:

  • Bachelor of Science, Commerce, Nursing
  • Masters of Computer Science, Professional Accounting, and Professional Business Analytics

University of Canterbury:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Engineering, Science
  • Masters of Engineering Studies, Business Information Systems, Business Management

University of Waikato:

  • Bachelor of Science, Business, Engineering
  • Master of Information Technology, Management, Engineering

Massey University:

  • Bachelor of Business, Arts, Aviation
  • Master of Analytics, Public Health, Education

Lincoln University:

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Science, Agriculture
  • Master of Science, Arts, Tourism Management

Auckland University of Technology:

  • Bachelor of Arts, Information Technology, Construction Project Management
  • Master of Creative Technologies, Construction Management, Engineering

Reasons to study in New Zealand:

New Zealand offers a plethora of courses offered by universities in the country:

  • Globally Recognized Institutions: New Zealand has eight higher education universities which are ranked the world’s top universities.
  • Recognized Qualifications: Through participation in several intergovernmental agreements the degrees provided here have been internationally recognized.
  • Excellent Pedagogy: The education system of New Zealand is based on research-based learning which is similar to UK’s education system. Students are motivated to use real-life problem-solving situations.
  • High in Quality: Higher education in New Zealand is high in a quality and controlled by the government and Universities located in New Zealand. All the Polytechnic institutions are state-owned and all the private institutions are monitored by New Zealand’s qualification authority.
  • High Employable Rate: Education from New Zealand universities are regarded by the government. This increases career prospects in New Zealand and abroad.
  • Wide Scope for Doctorate: There is an opportunity for research students. A PhD student enjoys a huge benefit in New Zealand. The fees for research courses are affordable as well.

Study in New Zealand 2023 Admission Process:

To study in New Zealand, check the admission procedure mentioned below:

  • In New Zealand admission is offered semester-wise and twice a year.
  • The application forms are released in September and May.
  • For the programs offers, the intake takes place every year. Make sure to submit the applications at least 4 months prior to the starting date.

Admission Requirements:

Check the list of documents required for admission:

  • Proof of language proficiency, IELTS/TOEFL scores to pursue UG or PG programs
  • Transcripts/certificates
  • Mark sheets
  • For admission an MBA, you need GMAT test scores.
  • No standardized tests are needed for admission into UG programs.

Student Visa:

Here is the list of documents required for fulfilling visa requirements:

  • Offer or acceptance letter from an institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • A written guarantee from a person or institution that suitable accommodation is available for students less than 18 years.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to stay in New Zealand.
  • A return ticket to the home country or proof of funds showing the affordability.
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Visa application fees- 35NZD (~1725 INR)

Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees for pursuing education in New Zealand mentioned below:

  • MBA: 18.66 to 0.06 lakhs
  • Masters in Computer Science: 18.4 lakhs to 27.47 lakhs
  • MBBS: 7774 to 82.92 lakhs
  • Masters in Civil Engineering: 19.69 to 23.32 lakhs
  • Masters in Public Health: 10.36 to 41.46 lakhs
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering: 19.69 to 27.46 lakhs

Cost of Accommodation:

Find the cost of living (in INR) in New Zealand below:

  • Accommodation: 29,000-31,000 per week for 3-4 bedroom apartment
  • Food: 3530
  • Prepaid mobile: 995
  • Transport passes: 4,080
  • Recreation: 3,310
  • Miscellaneous: 20,000

FAQs: Study in New Zealand:

Answer: Once the studies are over, students can stay in New Zealand for work or for further studies. Students need to obtain a post-study work visa for the duration of 1-3 years to work in New Zealand. The average salary of a worker is 97,300 NZD and the lowest recorded salary is 24,600 NZD.
Answer: The highest paid degrees in New Zealand are Bachelors Program, MA  Master in Finance, B.Sc, etc
Answer: Candidates can attain scholarships in New Zealand on the basis of good merit or competitive academic score. Students can acquire a complete tuition waiver from the scholarships such as the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship, the University of Otago International Masters Research Scholarship, UC International First-Year Scholarships, New Zealand Excellence Awards, Guardian Trust’s Masters Scholarship in Commerce and many more.
Answer: Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Waikato, and Victoria University of Wellington

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