Study in Russia 2023 Admission Process, Job Opportunities, Eligibility, Fee

Study in Russia 2023: Are you planning to study abroad? Are you confused about which country you should acquire study from? Since all the countries have their way and methods of teaching students but we suggest Russia. It is unbelievable that Russia offers 741 universities for providing higher education to students. Students from all corners of the world provide education to international students. Lakhs of students apply in Russia for pursuing higher education. We are providing you the comprehensive details before you plan to Study Russia in 2023.

Why Choose Russia to Study 2023?

There are immense reasons for approaching Russia to seek education. Let’s find out here:

  • Comprehensive Education: Russia is very popular for its academic schools providing Medicine, Natural Science, Physics, and Mathematics. When planning to study in Russia, select from 400 fields, 650 subjects in Bachelor’s, Masters Specialist, and Postgraduate Programs to study in 82 different regions of the country.
  • Cost of Study: Russia keeps the cost of study a little low as compared to other countries such as USA, Canada, however, you can also study free at the expense of the Government budget. The reputed universities cost 83,000 rubles for UG programs
  • Language, not a barrier: International students can take up language preparatory courses to study in Russia. This will help you to study the Russian language however, so many programs are offered in the English language as well.

Top Universities to Study in Russia:

Here is the list of top universities offering the best quality opportunity to study in Russia:

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU)
  • Novosibirsk State University (NSU)
  • Tomsk State University (TSU)
  • Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT)
  • National Research Nuclear University (MEPhi)
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)
  • National Research University Higher School Economics (HSE)
  • Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • Moscow State Institution of International Relations (MGIMO)

Study in Russia 2023 Admission Requirements:

In the majority of Russian universities, international students are seeking education. If you learn the Russian language, it will help you a lot before applying to any of the universities. In this regard, you can apply for one-year preparatory courses before seeking admission to the major.

Undergraduate international applicants take note that there are lesser programs at the undergraduate level. However, this does not apply to the Master’s course as English is used as the primary language for Master’s

Steps to Apply:

  • Choose the Program/University: Start with selecting the program or university you want to study in. You can choose from a diverse range of courses such as Drama, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Mathematics, and Physics, etc.
  • Financial Aids: You can select for self-fundings, external funding, or Russian government funding to ensure that studying abroad expenses are managed.
  • Prepare the documents package: Submit the documents twice as you wish to apply with Russian education institutions. In the initial application, mention the desired level of education and area of study. Submit the documents to the university once you reach Russia.
  • Initial Application Package: Copy of the documents detailing education, copy of identification, a filled university application form, and photographs
  • Submit to the University: Application for admission, visa/passport, education certificate, a statement on the standard medical form, photographs to be submitted to the university.
  • Choose the way you want to apply: You can apply independently to the university of your choice or via Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian Embassy). Usually, students choose the Russian embassy to apply for government scholarships and thus will be participating in the competitive selection.
  • Competitive Selection: The different ways of competitive selection include Entrance Exam and Introductory Unified State Examination, Academic Competitions and tests.
  • Receive Invitation to apply for Student Visa: After the applicant has gained the position via the standard process, the invitation will be sent by the university. Whereas, those who are selected via Quota will get an invitation via the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Documents for Russian Student Visa:

Apply for Russian Study Visa via Russian Consulate or Russian Embassy in your country. Some countries have visa centers such as India, Canada, the USA where you can apply for a visa. Check the list of documents required for Visa:

  • Your Passport and a copy of its front page
  • Official invitation to entry to Russia
  • Application form
  • A few Photographs
  • HIV Negative status certificate
  • If you are below 18 years of age, a notary certified parental consent to travel is also a need.
  • Russian Visa Fees: 8246 rubles for multiple entries.

Cost to Study:

Here are the details of the cost to study in Russia in rubles:

  • Preparatory Courses Few months to 1 year – 160,000  approximately
  • Summer Schools  3 to 8 weeks – 450,000 average
  • Medical Degrees (like MBBS in Russia) – 145,000-405,000
  • Bachelor’s Degree 4 years – 240,000-880,000
  • Specialist Degree 5 years – 240,000- 632,580
  • Masters Degree 2 years – 260,000 – 460,000
  • Other Postgraduate Programs 3 years – 280,000 – 413,000
  • Engineering Degrees – 122,000- 200,000- or more

Cost of Living: The Cost of Living in Russia includes expenses on food, transportation, internet, clothing, etc. Check the details in Rubles:

  • University Dorms: 500-5,000 monthly
  • Rental Accommodation: 15,000-35,000 monthly
  • Medical Insurance: 4,000-120,000 yearly
  • Groceries: 4,200 monthly
  • Lunch in Cafe/Restaurants: 800-2,000
  • Transport: 1970 (60 journey travel card) and 405 (underground travel card for students)
  • Cellular Communication & Internet: 300-400 (standard services on a sim) and 300-500 (internet)
  • Clothing: 500 (T-shirt), 1500 (Jeans)
  • Cultural Pursuits: 400-2,500 (movie tickets), 200-1,000 (museum tickets)
  • Wellness: 1,700-4,00 (fitness centers monthly pass), 300-500 (swimming pool pass)
  • Cocktails: 300-500
  • Weekend Entertainment: 2,000-5,000

Job Opportunities for International Students:

International students can apply in Moscow for jobs as it is an Economic and Financial center where international students can work after completing graduation. Saint Petersburg also offers a wonderful gateway for the job. Russia has various MNCs such as Oracle, Pepsico, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Dolby, Google, Honeywell, etc. Some of the top employers in Russia

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