Study in Russia 2024, Scholarships, Cost, Top Universities, Admission

Study in Russia 2024: You may plan to study abroad in a country like Russia. It is one of the largest continents. You can select to study in Russia at different more than 730 universities offering education to 270,000+ international students. Study in Russia in 2024 creates the possibility for pursuing four-year bachelor’s and a five-year specialist degree.

Why Chosen Russia to Study?:

There are various reasons to study in Russia:

  • Comprehensive University Education
  • Opportunity to Acquire Dual Diploma

Top Universities to Study in Russia:

Here is the list of top universities to study in Russia according to the QS rankings:

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Saint-Petersburg State University
  • Novosibirsk State University
  • Tomsk State University
  • Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology
  • National Research Nuclear University
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)
  • National Research University Higher School Economics (HSE)
  • Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • Moscow State Institution of International Relations (MGIMO)

Admission in Russia:

With a large number of universities in Russia, an international student can acquire a huge opportunity to attain higher education here. The universities in Russia have a few Undergraduate programmes in the English language. However, there are a large number of courses at the PG level

Step to apply for Admission in Russia:

Here is the step-by-step process to apply for admission in Russia:

  1. Select the program/university you want to pursue in Russia.
  2. Select the program/university you want to study from the range of courses amongst Drama, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Mathematics, and Physics.
  3. You can select for self-fundings, external funding, or Russian government funding to ensure that you want to study abroad.
  4. Submit the documents twice to apply with Russian educational institutions.
  5. A copy of the document consisted of education, a copy of identification, a filled university application form, the latest photo, visa/passport, education certificate, a statement on the standard medical form, etc.
  6. You can apply independently to the university of your choice or via Russian Embassy.
  7. There are several ways of competitive selection.
    • Entrance Exam and Introductory Unified State Examination
    • Academic Competitions
    • Tests
    • Invitation to apply for student visa
    • Russian Student Visa

Where to Apply for Visa?

You can apply for a Russian study visa via Russian Consulate or Russian Embassy in the country. Some of the countries such as India, Canada, and USA have Russian Visa centers where you can apply for the visa.

Documents Required to Apply for Visa:

Check the list of documents needed to apply for a visa:

  • A copy of its front page
  • Official invitation to study to Russia
  • Application form
  • Photographs
  • HIV Negative status certificate
  • A notary certified parental consent (if you are less than 18 years old)

Study Cost:

When planning to pursue education from Russia, you must consider the following cost in mind. Here is the cost of study and living in Russia:

Tuition Fees:

  • Bachelor’s Degree for 4 years: 240,000- 260,000 (Minimum Fees); 122,000-880,000 (Maximum Fees)
  • Specialist Degree for 5 years: 240,000- 260,000(Minimum Fees); 122,500-632,580 (Maximum Fees)
  • Masters Degree for 2 years: 260,000-280,000 (Minimum Fees); 147,000-460,000(Maximum Fees)
  • Other Postgraduate Programs for 3 years: 280,000-300,000 (Minimum Fees); 79,300-413,000(Maximum Fees)
  • Preparatory Courses: A Few Months Course to 1 year: 160,000 (Average)
  • Summer Schools for 3-8 weeks: 450,000 (Average)

Accommodation Cost:

The cost of living includes cost incurred on food, transportation, internet, clothing, etc. Check the brief details below:

  • University Dorms: 500-5,000 per month
  • Rental Accommodation: 15,000-35,000 per month
  • Medical Insurance 4,000-120,000 annually
  • Groceries: 4,200 per month
  • Lunch in Cafe/Restaurants: 800-2,000
  • Transport: 1970 (60 journey travel card); 405 (underground travel card for students)
  • Recreation: 400-2,500 (movie tickets); 200-1,000 (museum tickets)
  • Wellness: 1,700-4, 00 (monthly fitness centers); 300-500 (swimming pool pass)
  • Cocktails: 300-500
  • Entertainment: 2,000-5,000 per week

Scholarships for Studies:

The cost incurred on studies in Russia will be as high as 1-8 Lakhs INR and the cost of living may go up to 22,000 INR a month. In order to manage the cost, international students can participate in scholarship programs offered at several Russian Universities. The government of Russia proffers scholarships to international students that cover tuition fees, accommodation, and other such expenses.

The three types of scholarships given to international students are Government-funded scholarships, Non-governmental Russian scholarships, and University-specific scholarships. Find out the list of scholarships offered in Russia:

  • Government of Russian Federation Scholarship (Government-funded)
  • BP in Russia Research Scholarships (Non-Government)
  • Open Doors-Russian Scholarship Project (Non-Government)
  • HSE University Scholarships (University-specific)
  • St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Scholarships (University-specific)
  • Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s Olympic Scholarships Program (University-specific)

Jobs for International Students in Russia:

International students can work in Russia while studying. The minimum age to work is 18 years and above. Besides this, work permit is essential to get an employment to work university or affiliated organizations. The work-permit will be issued within the duration of 10 days of submitting the application form. Submit the following documents:

  • Application
  • Passport
  • Migration card
  • Receipt of fee payment ~RUB 3500
  • Employment Contract
  • A certificate confirming HIV-negative status, no drug addictions, or infectious disease etc.
  • University’s statement on students’ full-time enrollment.

FAQs: Study in Russia

Answer: There is a high scope of Jobs in Russia. Jobs are dependent on your qualification and work experience. Moscow is the hub for jobs in many established companies such as Intel, Dolby, Google, Oracle, Pepsico, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, etc. Some of the top employers are HSBC, RBS, VMware, Barclays Bank, McKinsey & Co., Allianz
Answer: Russia is an established country and degrees pursued from Russia hold a strong validation all over the world.
Answer: 8246 Rubles is the Russian Visa fee for multiple entries.
Answer: A student can stay for three months initially which can be extended to one year from the local division of the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Russia.

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