Study in Spain 2023, Top Universities, Courses, Visa, Costs

Study in Spain 2023: Spain, a beautiful destination for tourists. Apart from the beauty and architectural designs, the place is also known for its education at an affordable cost. Every year, more than 80, 000 students visit the country to attain higher studies. If you are also inclined to study in this prosperous country then collect all the important information such as course details, language, cost of studying, eligibility for admission, etc from this article.

Why Study in Spain?

The first question anyone would as from you that why study in Span when countries such as the UK and the USA are there to offer you. There could be various possible answers to this query. Some of the reasons include:

  • The country comprises of 70+ established universities. Some of them are private and others are public. A few of them are associated with Catholic Church also.
  • All the public universities are funded by the local government of Spain.
  • The country has a rich culture of education. As per the 2023 QS World University Rankings, 12 institutions of Spain are one of the top-ranked in the list of 500 universities.
  • The most preferred university is the Universitat de Barcelona.
  • It offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. level courses.
  • A bachelor’s degree provides courses for 4 years and you need to attain 240 ECTS credits to clear.
  • A master’s degree is for a duration of 1 to 2 years. Applicant must be possessed with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to be applicable for the Master’s course.
  • The Doctoral degree (PhD) is for the duration of 3 years, or 5 years in case you are studying part-time and the minimum eligibility is a bachelor’ s and master’s degree.

Study in Spain 2023-Highlights:

Here is more information about studying in Spain below:

  • Capital City: Madrid
  • Currency: EUR, Euro
  • Language(s) – Spanish
  • Universities: 34
  • Major Cities: Barcelona

Cost of Studying & Living:

The most worrisome thing for International students is the cost spent on studying and living in Spain. Find the details about the same below:

  • First, it is crucial to know that if you are from an EU country. If this is so then pay the same fees as Spanish students pay.
  • The fees are higher for applicants belonging to the non-EU country
  • Tuition fees at public universities depend on the course and university selected by you. Fees for the bachelor’s degree vary between €750 and €2,100 in a year. The cost to study Master’s degree may vary between €1,320 and €4,320 per academic year.
  • The country provides the facility to EU students to work part-time during their studies. If you have good command over the Spanish language then you can work in the country with ease.
  • In comparison to private universities, public universities charge a bit less.
  • Besides this, the cost of living is dependent on the place of living you have chosen. It can be between €900 and €1,100 per month. Some of the cities in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona are expensive when compared with small cities and towns.
  • Those who have EHIC card, need not to buy health insurance and will have to acquire the health treatments as Spanish citizens can at the same cost. On the contrary, if you are not possessed with the EHIC card, you need to buy the EHIC card.

Student Visa Guidelines:

The student visa is provided on the basis of your nationality. Find out details about Student Visas below:

  • EU students and those who are from Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, do not need a visa to live and study in Spain. They need to register with the local Spanish authorities to acquire a residence certificate. This has to be done within three months of your arrival in Spain.
  • If you are arriving from some other country, then you need a visa for more than three months duration.
  • You need to begin the application process at the Spanish consulate or embassy located in your home country. It is suggested not to start the visa process until you fetch the official offer from an institution.
  • Make sure to arrange your accommodation in advance to avoid all inconveniences later.


The official language of Spain is Spanish. Most programmes are taught in Spanish, but many Spanish universities offering programmes taught in English.

Important Cities: The peculiar cities in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona

Degrees Available in Spain:

Here is the list of some prominent degrees available in Spanish Universities:

  • Acting degrees
  • Agribusiness degrees
  • Architecture degrees
  • Big Data Analytics degrees
  • Biology degrees
  • Biomedical Engineering degrees
  • Business Management degrees
  • Criminology degrees
  • Dance degrees
  • Data Science degrees
  • Dentistry
  • Digital Media degrees
  • Economics degrees
  • Engineering Management degrees
  • Film degrees
  • Finance degrees
  • Health Technology degrees
  • History degrees
  • Hospitality degrees
  • Hotel Management degrees
  • Illustration degrees
  • Industrial Design degrees
  • Insurance degrees
  • International Relations degrees
  • Journalism degrees
  • Law degrees

Universities in Spain:

Check the universities situated in Spain:

  • Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
  • Barcelona Technology School (BTS)
  • CEU Universities
  • Deusto Business School
  • EAE Business School
  • ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
  • ESADE Business & Law School
  • ESERP Business School
  • EU Business School All
  • EU Business School, Barcelona
  • Gasma, Gatronomy & Culinary Management Campus
  • Space University
  • Hotel School of Sant Pol de Mar
  • IAB Institute of the Arts Barcelona
  • IE University
  • IED – Istituto Europeo di Design
  • Marbella International University Centre
  • Nebrija University
  • Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)
  • Saint Louis University Madrid Campus (SLU)
  • Schellhammer Business School
  • TBS Barcelona
  • The Valley Digital Business School
  • UCAM Universidad Catolica De Murcia

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