Study in Ukraine 2024 Application Form, Eligibility Criteria, MBBS, MBA

Study in Ukraine 2024: Evey country is special, has its own culture, specialties, atmosphere, and education. Ukraine is a well-known country in the world. It offers a huge variety of things and especially the education provided here is remarkable. It offers various courses such as Arts, Aviation, Agriculture, Accounting, Aerospace Engineering, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Business & Economics, Journalism and communications, Law, MBA, MBBS, and a lot more. Moreover, the courses taught at different universities of Ukraine are recognized all around the world. The faculty in each of the universities have a systematic way of teaching. They usually follow a practical approach along with catering theoretical knowledge. Unlike other International universities, Ukraine doesn’t need IELTS or TOFEL scores for providing admission to international students. Here we will discuss in length about study in Ukraine 2024, courses, fee structure, and a lot more.

Benefits of Studying in Ukraine:

Students wanted to get enrolled in Ukraine universities for various advantages and some of them are as follows:

  • Ukraine offers high-quality education and the universities in Ukraine are world-renowned
  • In addition to popularity, the admission process is extremely simple as no IELTS, or TOFEL or any other entrance exam is a prior requirement. Thus, students are not required to appear in any entrance exam to secure a seat in a specific university.
  • The courses offered are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, European council, etc. Thus, your diploma will be recognized all over and will be valued when you apply for a job.
  • Medical courses are highly popular amongst international students.
  • Fortunately, students can attain direct admission by providing the documents and that’s it.
  • Most of the universities in Ukraine have a partnership with the USA, Canada, and other universities in Europe, therefore, students can get the chance to meet famous professors from different parts of Europe.
  • Universities located in Ukraine offer various facilities such as a library, boarding, sports, sports centers, Gymnasium, and a lot more.
  • The fee is low as compared to other countries.
  • Ukraine ensures that the student-teacher ratio remains less so that personal attention can be given to students.
  • Students here can enjoy a standard European life at a minimal cost.
  • The moderate climate throughout the year makes it easy for students to survive comfortably.
  • Visa is surely provided to students.
  • There are higher chances of seeking permanent settlement in Europe after completing the studies.

Let’s find out the top courses to Study in Ukraine

  1. MBBS: MBBS is the most sought program in Ukraine. Several universities proffer world-class education in this regard. Medicine in Ukraine has global acceptance. It offers an affordable fee structure, quality education, etc. After finishing off the course, students can apply to work in any part of the world. Check the list of top medical universities in Ukraine:
    • O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv
    • Ternopil state medical university in Ternopil
    • Vinnitsa national medical university in the City of Vinnysta
    • Kharkiv National medical university in Kharkiv
    • Donetsk national medical university in Donetsk
    • Kharkiv international medical university in Kharkiv City

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS:

Check the eligibility for MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students:

  • Students must have the nationality of India
  • The age of the student should be 17 years (minimum) and 25 years (maximum)
  • Student must have completed class XII with subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology from the recognized board of India or abroad.
  • Candidate must have scored at least 50% in aggregate of PCB combined and also NEET qualification is required.

Study in Ukraine 2024 Estimated Admission Fee:

As told earlier that the course fee is less as compared to other countries. According to a survey, the best MBBS colleges in Ukraine charges Rs. 17 to 21 Lacs for the entire progam (6 years) approximately.

  1. Engineering and Technology: Engineers are high in demand all over the world. It is the duty of every nation to create quality engineers as it is the need of the future. Keeping this view, Ukraine never compromised in quality while teaching Engineering students. Here engineering is provided at two levels-regional and metropolitan. This is the reason, engineering courses are offered by vocational providers at Ukrainian universities. Besides this, Engineering has different specialization such as Civil, Chemical, Software, Mechanical, Electronic, and Automotive Engineering, along with Biomedical, Microelectronics and Telecommunications Engineering too. Here is the list of top universities offering Engineering:
    • Mechnikov Odessa National University in Odessa
    • Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University in Kharkov
    • National Mining University in Dnipropetrovsk
    • Ivano Frankovsk National University Of Oil And Gas in Ivano Frankovsk
    • Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics in Kharkiv
    • Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy in Kharkiv

Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Students:

Indian students can check the eligibility criteria to apply for the Engineering program:

  • Students must have the nationality of India
  • The age of the student should be 17 years (minimum) and 30 years (maximum)
  • Students must have completed class XII with subjects Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics from the recognized board of India or abroad.
  • Candidate must have scored at least 50% in aggregate of PCM combined and also NEET qualification is required.

Estimated Fee:

The estimated fee for the Engineering course is Rs. 15 to 20 Lacs approximately for the program of 4-6 years.

  1. MBA and Management: MBA program at Ukraine is offered at various colleges and private universities. MBA and Management open the gateway for several career opportunities. The working professionals can enhance their skills by acquiring MBA in Ukraine. Once the course gets over, students can attain a wide career option. Some of the known colleges offering MBA and Management Program are as follows:
    • Kiev Business School in Kiev
    • International Management Institute (MIM-Kiev) in Kiev
    • International Institute of Business (iiB) in Kiev
    • Ukrainian Catholic University – Lviv Business school (LvBS) in Lviv
    • KROK University in Kiev
    • School of HRM in Kiev
    • Kiev Mohyla Business School in Kiev
    • Kiev School of Economics in Kiev

Eligibility Criteria Management program:

Indian students can check their eligibility before applying for MBA and Management program in any of the universities in Ukraine:

  • The candidate must be of the Indian Origin
  • Students must have at least 3 years of full-time work experience.
  • Students must be possessed with a bachelor’s degree or some other equivalent degree.
  • MBA program in Ukraine needs international study or work experience.
  • To do an MBA program in Ukraine, the candidate must have a relevant TOFEL or IELTS score.

Estimated Fee:

Indian candidates need to pay approximately 5 – 6 lakhs for the entire course. This cost includes accommodation and other expenses as well.

  1. Arts: Creative courses are also offered at Ukraine University. Such courses begin from the basic level and end at advanced diplomas. The lower courses are just introductory courses whereas advanced courses are specialized courses. In the field of Arts, it offers specializations from acting, music, dance, animation, sound production, and stage management, etc. The Arts courses are offered at both Private institutes and Ukrainian universities. One will have greater opportunities after attaining the course. Here are some know universities offering admission to the course:
    • Kiev State Institute of Decorative Applied Arts and Design in Kiev
    • Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts in Kiev
    • Kharkiv National University of Arts in Kharkiv
    • Lviv National Music Academy in Lviv
    • Lviv National Academy of Arts in Lviv
    • Kharkiv State Academy of Culture in Kharkiv
    • Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts in Kharkiv
    • Luhansk State Institute of Culture and Arts in Luhansk

Eligibility Criteria for Arts Program:

If you are interested in seeking the Arts program from Ukraine, then first check the eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • Students must have completed 10+2 from some recognized Board of India or abroad
  • To study Arts, the candidate must have a relevant TOFEL or IELTS score.
  • You need to appear in an entrance test for seeking admission to the Arts course at some universities.

Estimated Fee:

The Arts/Music or other creative courses are for the duration of 4 years at the Bachelor level. The fee for the entire course duration will be 4 years (12 to 13 lacs) at Kharkiv national university of arts. The range is almost the same in other universities as well.

  1. Aviation: You will be surprised to know that Ukraine is the manufacturer of air crafts. Ukraine offers a technologically advanced aviation industry. The aviation colleges offer several teaching methods and they have professionally trained staff. The country has best quality aviation schools where tuition fee is quite low. The following faculties are available at Ukrainian aviation schools
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Airport Management
    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Aerospace Management
    • Rocket Engineering
    • Rocket Engineering
    • Avionics

Check the list of best aviation universities in Ukraine:

  • Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National University of Air Force in Kharkiv
  • Kirovograd State Flight Academy Of Ukraine in Kirovograd
  • National Aerospace University in Kharkiv
  • National Aviation University in Kyiv

Eligibility Criteria:  For admission seekers from India, the eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • To study Aviation in Ukraine, students must have cleared 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry, & Mathematics) from any recognized Board of India or abroad.
  • Applicant must have attained at least 50% in aggregate of PCM combined.

Estimated Course Fee: The Aviation course fee differs from one university to the other. Tuition fees for various courses such as Aviation and Rocket Engineering, Aviation Transport, Automatization and, Computer-Integrated Technologies, Avionics and Aviation Transport, etc charges 5 -7 lacs, while the fee at the flight school ranges somewhere between 6-18 lacs per course.

  1. Business and Economics: Economics degrees are also proffered by several colleges and universities located in Ukraine. Universities in Ukraine are known for providing the best education in the field of Business and Economics. Here, the universities keep on upgrading their syllabus as per the international economic policies. The degree in Business and Economics is well-recognized globally. Following are the best economics universities in Ukraine:
  • Kyiv International University situated in Kiev
  • Kyiv National Economic University name after Vadym Hetman in Kiev
  • Kyiv National University Of Trade and Economics in Kiev
  • Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University in Uman
  • Ternopil National Economic University in Ternopil
  • The National University of Ostroh Academy in Ostrog
  • Odessa National Economic University in Odessa
  • Kiev School of Economics in Kiev

Eligibility Criteria for Business & Economics:

Indian students can check the eligibility criteria for admission to Business and economics:

  • The first eligibility, the candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • Applicant must be possessed with a bachelor’s degree or students must have cleared 10+2 from some recognized Board of India or a foreign board.
  • Just like for MBA, candidate need to have a relevant TOFEL or IELTS score.

Estimated Fee: The course duration for Bachelor’s degree will be 4 years (9 to 10 lacs) and 2 years (4 to 5 lacs) for a Master’s degree.

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