TOEFL Exam Dates 2023 Registration, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Pattern

TOEFL Exam Dates 2023 provides year-round availability for anyone interested in taking the exam. The TOEFL exam is given at a variety of test centres around India, and students can choose their ideal location and TOEFL testing dates. Candidates can register on the official website and pick the date of the tests based on their availability and preparedness. Candidates can select their preferred time slots at the specified day depending on the TOEFL exam dates.

TOEFL is a computerised exam administered by ETS that assesses candidates’ English proficiency necessary for study, job, or migration overseas. The TOEFL exam costs roughly INR 13,560 ($185) in India. The duration of the exam is 3.5 hrs. TOEFL has a score range of 0-120, with each section having a score range of 0-30.

TOEFL exam is conducted in three ways – Computer-based, iBT, & PBT. The PBT exam is conducted only when a strong internet connection is not accessible. The TOEFL exam is divided into four parts: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. As the test centres were closed due to the COVID 19 epidemic, ETS offered TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition. The syllabus for the TOEFL iBT home edition is similar to that of the original test. Candidates will not receive a physical copy of their TOEFL scorecard, but the electronic result will be available on the official website within 6-10 days following the exam.

Most applicants choose TOEFL iBT since it is more convenient and needs minimal sources. ETS has now organised TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition for candidates who are unable to travel to TOEFL test centres owing to the COVID-19 epidemic. Candidates must have the following things in order to undertake TOEFL exam through iBT mode:

  • A proper running laptop or desktop
  • Good Internet Connection
  • ProctorU must be running smoothly in your system. Candidates are required to verify this at their end.

TOEFL Exam 2023 Highlights:

Exam Name TOEFL 2023
Full form Test of English as Foreign Language
Frequency of Exam Five times a year
Exam conducting authority ETS (Educational Testing Service)
Application mode Online
Level of Exam International
Official website

TOEFL Exam 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

ETS does not provide any obligatory qualifying criteria for taking the TOEFL. Before enrolling, applicants must follow the rules outlined on the official website. ETS also did not specify an age limit for the application. Candidates must hold a higher school (10+2) diploma from a recognised Indian Board or University in order to be eligible.

TOEFL 2023 Application Form:

Aspiring candidates can register for the TOEFL exam online & offline, using the TOEFL official app, which is accessible on the Google Play store. The exam slots are available throughout the year, thus making it easy for candidates to apply for it at any time of the year. The most convenient way to apply for the TOEFL exam is through your ETS account, either online or via the official app. Candidates can also apply for the TOEFL exam either through mail or by phone.

TOEFL 2023 Offline Registration:

 If the candidate is applying for the TOEFL exam through offline mode (mail), then he must send the TOEFL registration form to the registered address. Candidates can check the important steps below for the offline registration:

  • The candidate must first obtain the TOEFL registration form.
  • Candidates must enter special codes (accessible online) in order to manually complete the registration process.
  • Payments can be initiated using the choices shown in the form.
  • After completing the form, the candidate must submit it to RRC (Regional Registered Centers)
  • They should get mail at least one month before the exam date.
  • If an applicant does not get a notification, he or she must contact RRC at least three days before the registration closing date.

TOEFL Exam 2023 Online Registration

Applying online for the TOEFL exam is pretty easier as compared to other modes. Candidates have to just visit the official website and create their profile. Candidates are required to carry their passports at the time of applying for the exam through online mode. Candidates can check the necessary steps below:

  • Create your profile and login into the application section
  • Fill out the required information asked in the form
  • Choose test dates and location
  • Pay the application fee and submit the form.

Exam Pattern:

Because the TOEFL is a language competence exam, the ETS TOEFL primarily assesses applicants’ language abilities through the components listed below:


One independent and three integrated speaking exercises are included in the TOEFL Speaking portion. One individual task and three interconnected tasks are included. TOEFL speaking scores vary from 0 to 30. The first two questions are about familiar themes, while the remainder is about lessons, brief readings, and discussions.


The TOEFL Listening portion is divided into two parts: lectures and dialogues. Following each discussion or presentation, there is a series of questions concerning the material that was provided. Candidates will be given 20 minutes to respond to each set of questions. This segment contains 4-6 minute academic lecture snippets and 2-3 dialogues on a range of general campus life themes.


TOEFL Reading requires applicants to read 3-4 700-word texts and answer 30-40 questions from a set of ten types of questions. The TOEFL reading section is designed to assess applicants’ reading and comprehension skills. The reading passages on the TOEFL span a wide range of topics. Candidates have between 54 and 72 minutes to complete the TOEFL reading sections. This component is graded on a scale of 0 to 30.


The TOEFL Writing part is divided into two sections: TOEFL integrated and TOEFL independent problems. Candidates are given 50 minutes to write 500-600 words in two separate writing tasks. TOEFL writing section is the final component of the TOEFL test and the most difficult one too. The writing section is again assessed on a scale of 0-30.

TOEFL Scores

The range of TOEFL scores for each section is 0-30. The TOEFL score was calculated using statistical methods. The average TOEFL score is roughly 90, with a range of 85 to 95. A TOEFL score of more than 100 is considered an excellent result. This TOEFL score range is often required by universities since it demonstrates that the candidate has a strong command of the English language. However, if you score between 100 and 110, your chances of admission to prestigious colleges improve. It should be remembered, however, that there are no good or bad TOEFL results. The TOEFL score is valid for two years.

TOEFL score card 2023 will be available to test takers 6 days after the exam day. Candidates must log in with their registered ETS user id to get their scorecard. TOEFL iBT scores are graded differently from TOEFL PBT scores.


TOEFL scores are accepted as a condition for English language competency at over 9000 leading colleges worldwide. This language proficiency exam is undertaken by Indian students to assess their reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities. TOEFL is taken by candidates for a variety of reasons, including a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, employment, or furthering their studies. Because of their high TOEFL scores, Indian students choose this English test over IELTS. The best aspect is that no interviews are conducted as part of the procedure, and exams are assessed discreetly. According to ETS, Indians got 24 out of 30 in Speaking, Writing, and Listening. Indian applicants have the lowest scores in the Reading part due to their less vocabulary knowledge.

Candidates with an overall average score of 95 can easily get admission to TIER 2 universities in the United States and Canada. Candidates can also apply for TOEFL Scholarships based on their test scores.

TOEFL Preparation Tips:

Candidates must devote sufficient time to learning the weaknesses and strengths of the TOEFL. ETS makes practice papers available online for simple access. TOEFL preparation recommendations must have a certain target score in order to acquire suitable coaching to attain the objective. Here are some test preparation tips:

  • Create your own TOEFL study schedule.
  • Learn 10 new words each day and create phrases with them.
  • Learn new vocabulary from various academic disciplines.
  • Reading challenging literature is the quickest approach to enhancing TOEFL reading.
  • Read diaries, novels, and other books to expand your vocabulary.
  • To improve your score, practise different TOEFL practice tests on a regular basis.
  • Find an experienced mentor who can help you with problem-solving strategies.
  • Practice taking notes on the major points. It will assist you in answering appropriately in the test.

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